We now have 150 Gammons College Scholars!

We now have 150 Gammons College Scholars!

The Foundation To Be Named Later Scholarship Family is growing – we now have 150 Peter Gammons Scholars and expanded to include Chicago in the new 2019 Class of Scholars! Congratulations Boston and Chicago Scholars. These scholars are exceptional students and members of their communities. Obtaining the Foundation To Be Named Later/Pater Gammons scholarship gives them the opportunity to attend college, dream of a better future and be part of a program that provides not only aide but a mentor and a support system far beyond those four years in school.  We accept our Gammons Scholars as seniors in HS and stay with them well beyond graduating helping with careers and jobs.

Our scholars are low-income students who worry about affording college and may fit into one the statements below:

  • Concerns about college costs discourage 1 in 3 of high-achieving, low-income students from applying to any college.
  • Nearly half of these students never visit their top choice school
  • 1 in 4 apply with no help from parents, teachers, or counselors.
  • Students from households that earned less than $35,000—the lowest quarter—represent just 10 percent of all the degrees awarded.

The Gammons Scholars make the Foundation To Be Named Later special. Year after year they continue reaching out, come to our events, inform us of their progress and accomplishments and are a big part of the family we have created. The graduates are now mentoring the new classes of Gammons Scholars.


“I just felt the urge to write this to express my gratitude for the Scholarship and the financial support the Foundation has been giving me. Student debt is incredibly crippling and I was hit with a wave of gratitude for the fact that between financial aid and the Gammons Scholarship, I will leave college with no debt. I want to thank you sincerely and deeply for what you are giving me. It is a sense of freedom to be able to move through the world after college without the burden of debt, something that my family would not necessarily have been able to provide me. I truly feel privileged.” ~ Elin D.

“As I kid I would dream of college, traveling and studying, and you are allowing me to do this. Thank you for believing in me and supporting me. No words can ever express how my heart feels and the gratitude I have for you and the entire FTBNL” ~ Silmar B.